17 // mixed, audio // bye and good luck
and only surrender will help me now

So we've all got rules, right? The one thing we won't do? That line we won't cross?

What would it take for you to break them? Are they part of you, or are they only something you do?

[anyone who got her something]

Thank you. It's perfect, it really is.

[inmate filter]

Can someone cover for me at breakfast the next couple days? Can't really offer you anything but... I need this. Please?

[ooc: no one will see her in public after this post, but she'll be responding to it until later this afternoon; we can backdate if needed. Every IC entry after this post is on surrenders at DW.]

16 // mixed, backdated to the afternoon *before* Tosh left // a few little things
hush now my sweet little noisy boy
[ audio, Tosh ]Collapse )

[ written, strikes illegible, left on her dresser; attn Tosh, Carter, Richie and Seth, Amanda, Wanda, Arkady, Isaac, Claire, kitchen shift ]Collapse )

15 // public, audio // a brand new mess
the heart that beats is yours inside me
We have some new people here, right, came here yesterday, maybe really early today, before we took on water? Name's Lua, if we haven't met yet.

Don't think anyone's told you yet, but... not everybody's themselves today. It won't be like this more than a couple days, promise, but if you need any help, I'm still me, so you can ask.

14 // public+spam, audio // not entirely pure motives
you sure this'll be okay?
Haven't been here all that long, I guess, not like some people. But some of you guys have been here a long time, right?

Has this ship been taken over before... you know? Or taken apart? It doesn't sound like it, but... it's not something you might want to talk about.

spam | arkadyCollapse )

13 // video, public // luckiest of numbers
you sure this'll be okay?
Anyone having any luck getting people from home?

[ edit: she comes back a little bit later, looking her very neatest and trying to hide a sense that this is going to be useless. ]

...any of you guys around? It's Lua. You remember me, right? Didn't go so well on the train but it's all right... I'm all right.

But it'd be good to hear from you.

012 // text, public // is this going to count?
am i running out of lifetimes?
I took that offer last week. I don't think I'm ever getting out of here but people back home need me. So I tried to keep up my end of the deal by attacking Mark Hoffman.

It's the worst thing I've ever done in my life. I knew that soon as I did it and I got him a doctor and gave my item to a friend to use for something better. I know that doesn't make it better but that's how sorry I am.

[ooc: feel free to respond/react in the comments but she won't be responding unless you bother her in person.]

011 // audio, filters // think of all the things we learned for the people who are still alive
i won't let you let me down so easily
[generous friends filter]

...you all right? It got pretty nuts out there.


I can't do it.

[ooc: backdated a day.]

10 // see post, audio // mama we're all full of lies
ohshi-, good warden best friend
[private in intervals of about an hour, first sent to Perry, then sent to Hoffman]

[ The voice coming through is edgy and high-pitched, close to tears or panic, with a hard-breathed whimper whenever she stops speaking. ] It's back for me... cut its face open and it... don't know if it's still out there but... [ A door opens, and immediately slams. ] Get them away.


edit: [private | Iroh]

Someone's hurt down here - level seven near the supplies. Can you...?

[ooc: Fake distress signals are go. Somebody took the deal because she's desperate and this is a terrible thing she is doing :(.]

009 // audio, maybe spam? // that boy ain't right
you sure this'll be okay?
[Private | Claire Bennet]
You got some time when you're done with work?

[ooc: backdated to some point before Richie getting his ass beat; good lord for someone who talks as little as she does I have been making all the posts :( ]

008 // varied // it's hiding in the grass
[Public, video]

[ The camera is pointed down at a hallway floor at some tendrils of vine visibly growing and tangling into each other. It's clearly intentional, as Lua's voice starts speaking a moment after. ]

Kind of thing's been going on a lot like with snow or sand or moss, so... I guess everyone knows already? But... if you wanted to get to the fourth floor right now...

[ ...the camera pans up to an almost Amazonian overgrowth of vine and fern over the stairs and the entrance to the elevator. ]

...think you'll need something to cut all this with. Sorry to break it to you.

[ The next shot is of an orchid hanging from what's reached to the ceiling, but there's a good five minutes of the sound of her hacking at something, a shriek, and the hard click of heels running past. ]

[a few hours later - text - failed private for Dracula, sent to basically anyone whose name she knows if you want it]

Need to see you. Common room near mine, nine if you're around, later if you're not.

Don't worry about before.


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